Pilibhit: The youth of another community, who arrived with the force on a tip-off about the molestation of a minor, took over the force using light force.
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Pilibhit, lokhit express,(vikrant sharma).

As soon as the newcomer SP arrived, the miscreants tried to molest the minor and failed to disturb the atmosphere

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Pilibhit: Late in the evening, a case of molestation of a minor by a young man of the second community at Washir Khan Mohalle in Thana Sungadhi area, where tension erupted after fierce beatings between the two sides. As soon as the incident was reported, CO City Dharam Singh Marchal along with the police force rushed out the crowd from the spot and used light force to close open shops in the locality and calm the matter. The interrogation of the suspected youth is continuing in custody after the incident with the minor teenager. On the other hand, the family members of the victim were summoned to the police station and took action on the matter and arrested the accused soon and took stern action. At present, the Inspector, including CO, has calmed down the case and deployed police force on the spot. The police are working on the search for the accused and the police are constantly pressing.

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