Sant Nirankari Mission dedicates 50-bed Covid-19 treatment centre in Panchkula
May 9th, 2021 | Post by :- | 267 Views

Panchkula May 9, 2021: With the blessings of Nirankari  Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, Sant Nirankari Mission dedicated its Sector-9 situated Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, to fight the deadly Covid-19 pandemic. The Mission made the 50-bed Covid-19 treatment centre with infrastructure, available in Panchkula today to the Haryana government. With the assistance of the government, provision for beds and other equipment along with food has been done by Sant Nirankari Mission.

Shri K.K Kashyap ji Zonal incharge Chandigarh, along with Shri Karnail Singh Ji, Khetriya Sanchalak Panchkula Sewadal said, that the Mission will provide for meals -thrice a day, uninterrupted electricity supply, and material, aide infrastructure from Sant Nirankari Mission, New Delhi. The medical facilities, doctors, nurses and paramedical staffwill be provided  by the government.

Assembly Speaker Shri Gian Chand Gupta Ji, along with Sant Nirankari Mandal Zonal incharge Chandigarh Shri K.K Kashyap Ji visited Ji in connection to creating a Covid-19 treatment centre. Haryana Chief Minister had approved for making this treatment centre in Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, Sector-9, Panchkula.

Assembly Speaker Shri Gupta Ji expressed his gratitude to Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj for this initiative from the Mission. Speaker Gupta  appreciated  Mission’s dedication to the welfare of the society,. He added that Sant Nirankari Mission organises annual blood donation camps, cleanliness drives, along with several other activities for the welfare of the humankind.

It is worth mentioning that besides this, a proposal for converting Satsang Bhawans across India into Covid Vaccination Centres was also submitted to the Government of India. Following the approval from the government, several Satsang Bhawans across the country have been converted into Vaccination Centres for Covid-19. Aside from this, Sant Nirankari Mission has also provided its Bhawans as Covid-19 quarantine facilities to local authorities from time to time in the past year.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit India, Sant Nirankari Mission has been helping state governments in several ways; from supplying langar (food) and rations, to helping the gather emergency funds, and making other facilities available like PPE kits, masks, etc., besides organising blood donation camps all over the country.

With all its initiatives, Sant Nirankari Mission’s ideology of ‘service and dedication to humanity’ is evident and is being greatly appreciated.

In its functioning and service, this centre is adhering to come all Covid-19 guidelines set forth by the government.

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