Rural police Amritsar busted illegal distillery in Chak Mishri khan village.
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Rural police busted illegal distillery in Chakk Mishri Khan, 400,000 ML illicit liquor, 116000 kg of liquor and bans.

Jandiala Guru Kuljeet Singh

A massive operation is being carried out by SSP Rustic Dhruva Dahiya to prevent drugs. Under this campaign, a search operation was conducted by the Rural Police in the village Chak Mishri Khan on the basis of secret information. On 26 March Dhruv Dahiya SSP A team led by Hick ran 3 hours search operation in village Chak Mishri Khan. After exposing a large racket of illegal liquor by the local police, Balwinder Singh, Karnail Singh, Shamsher Singh and Sukhdev Singh resident Chak Mishri Khan were arrested and got 400000 M Recovered illegal liquor, 116000 kg of liquor, 10 operational bans, 16 tarpaulin water tanks, 20 drums, 7 gas cylinders and a Maruti car number PB08 AJ 7499. It has been revealed in the search operation that the village has large At the level, illegal liquor was being traded on a large scale by households in illegal bans. Attari, Gurindrapal Singh DSPD, Inspector Harsandeep Singh Incharge Special Branch, Inspector Kapil Kaushal SH O Lopoke, Inspector Sarwanpal Singh SHO ps Majitha, Inspector Yadvinder Singh SHO ps Jandiala, SI Manmeet Singh SHO ps  Chatiwind, SI Himanshu Bhagat SHO ps Kathanangal, SI Narinder Singh SHO ps Gharinda , SI Parminder Kaur Incharge Town Majitha, SI Harpreet Kaur Chowki Incharge Town Jandiala Guru Apart from the force, around 150 attended the force. SSP Hick said that till now the police said 525000 kg of Lahan and 1891250 ML illegal The liquor was recovered. He said that the property made from the proceeds of illicit liquor was being identified. It will be frozen soon.

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