Acting actor who has earned outstanding achievements in the theatre region :Rajpal Kaur .
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Acting actor who has earned outstanding achievements in the theater region: Rajpal Kaur

Jandiala guru Kuljit singh

Rajwara Shahi district Faridkot of Malwa, is called the land of art and artists, there will be no exaggeration, The touch of Baba Sheikh Farid’s holy feet Many artists related to this town have achieved success in converting their talents at the international level, It has succeeded in convincing, in which it is increasing rapidly towards getting its name, young actress Rajpal Kaur, who is successfully setting the stage for an inexplicable image of international competition at the heart of the audience.
This meritorious actress belonging to the family with a Sangeetak Gurdti and traditions of the village Wander Jatana coming under the suburban school has start her acting journey in the school stage of childhood and received the privilege of staging plays with the famous director of Theater World. Step-by-Step like this, this proud actress told me about the adventures of his life she has given to the wonderful achievements I have been fortunate for me to start with the Shinda Singh Shinda, Ranjit Bitta and get the opportunity to play plays of many other playwriter like Kirayedaar, Dev Purash, Haar Gaye, Enj Ni Wasde Wehre such a drama, Thereby, there has been a great deal of artworks where there is a familiarity with the artists, and also helped in fresher screening of acting.
This talented actor, who played an important role in spreading awareness against the prejudices like ‘Dowry’, ‘Female Feticide’ and ‘social evils like drugs’ from Punjab to national level, has further added that it is also a pleasure to note that during this short stay the Punjabi feature film In addition to doing the Solwan Saal, there was an opportunity to play important roles in the small films like ‘Wali Warish’ Memorable characters starring in the page to provide an international forum in Canada In the year 2017, in the British Colombia region of Vancouver, Surrey, Aebsford, among them, the great drama of Chamkaur di Gadhi with Naginder Kala Manch played a magnificent experience of life like Begum Jakarweg Great love, affection and love with Punjab and Punjabiyat.
According to this actress rising to the stage of higher stage, many short films will embark on their career in the coming days, whereas in reality it will be included in the special initiatives of international art and in the special initiatives.

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