Cross border narcoatic smmuggling module busted by Rural Police.
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Cross border narcoatic smuggling Module busted.

Jandiala guru Kuljit singh
Under the able guidance of Sh. Dhruv Dahiya SSP Rural Amritsar has achieved a major breakthrough wherein a cross border narcotic smmuggling module has been busted .
A secret information was recieved that Himmat singh@ Dalbir singh r/o Modhe PS Gharinda along with Nanak Singh and some unknown people have formed a gang for smuggling and selling narcoatic substance from across the border. They have smuggled a huge quantity of heroin from across the border and have hidden it in sugarcane fields in village Panjgraya .,SI Sukhjinder Singh Khaira SHO Bhindi Saidan registered a case under NDPS act in this matter .Himmat Singh r/o Modhe was apprehended and questioned .Himmat Singh confessed to the crime and admitted that he had got heroin smmuggled from Pakistan and had hidden it in sugar cane fileds  .The search of area was done leading to recovery of 3kgs of Heroin .
         Himmat Singh also revealed that the entire operation was being run by Malkit Singh @fauji s/o Baldev singh r/o village Muhava PS Gharinda from jail. Malkit Singh is lodged in Faridkot Jail in FIR no 82 dated 8.5.2019 under section official secret act and NDPS Act .Jail Superintendent Faridkot has been informed and the phone has recovered from Malkit Singh .Legal action is being taken in Faridkot Distt as well.
Himmat singh revealed that Malkit Singh @Fauji used to talk to Pakistani smugglers from jail and order the drugs consignment .Himmat Singh recieved the consignment on the instruction of Malkit singh @Fauji .Himmat singh revealed that Pakistan based smmuglers had put the heroin inside soft drink bottels and had smmuggled it into India by putting it in water flow of Ravi ,especially where the river turns and cross the border .
The entire operation was closely superviesd by Gaurav Toora SP investigation .Gurpartap singh Sahota DSP Attari and Vipan kumar DSP Ajnala .A major cross border drugs smmuggling module has been busted which was being run from the jail. Interrogation of the accused is being done to reveal forward and backward linkages.

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