Would CBSE 10th Result 2020 be released before or after CBSE 12th Result?
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CBSE 10th 12th Result 2020 are expected to be released by July 15, 2020 as per the officials. But would CBSE 10th be released before, after or with CBSE 12th Result? A look at past dates & trends of CBSE Result


Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE Result 2020 is awaited for both Class 10 and 12. As per the information shared by the boards, CBSE 10th 12th Result 2020 would be released by July 15. With no information on the date as yet students and parents are wondering is CBSE 10th Result would be released before or after the CBSE 12th Result 2020. Some are even wonder would the two results be annouced at the same date? Let’s look at the past date and trends for CBSE Results to find.

CBSE Result Dates: What we know

What is known at present is simply the date ‘latest’ by when CBSE may release the results. Whether it would be for 10th first or 12th first or both simultaneously, we cannot be sure. As far as we know (thats the past 20 years), CBSE has not released the results on the same date. Many may say CBSE 10th Results are released after CBSE 12th Results but that too is not a certainity. Here’s looking at the past 5 year result dates.

Year CBSE 12th Result Date CBSE 10th Result Date
2019 May 2 May 6
2018 May 26 May 29
2017 May 28 June 3
2016 May 21 May 28
2015 May 25 May 28

As is evident, in the past 5 years, CBSE 12th Result have been released before the CBSE 10th Result. This, however, is not a norm. In 2012, CBSE Class 10 results were announced on May 24 while CBSE Class 12 results were announced on May 28. Similar examples are available from previous years, going as far back as 2004. No instance of the board releasing the result on the sJAYAame date, however, could be found in the available archives of CBSE.

CBSE 2019 Result Date and the Unexpected break in pattern

While the pattern has been evident, CBSE has been full of suprises. What makes the pattern unreliable is the 2019 dates which had sent shock through the schools. Why? Because CBSE released the results in a short notice of two hours. In 2019, not only did the board announce the results in record time (full two weeks ahead of schedule), it had also released the results after giving a notice of two hours.

This year it is hard to predict as to when CBSE would release the results. Earlier in June, CBSE had informed Supreme Court that it would announce the result by July 15, 2020, for both the classes. A few days back a fake notice was also circulated that CBSE would announce the result on July 11 and July 13. Till now CBSE has not confirmed any date yet, so students are advised to keep a regular check on the official site of CBSE.

With only a couple of days remaining till the deadline, the expectations of CBSE Results has increased and so have the query whether it would be 12th first or 10th first or would CBSE break the 20 year old pattern and declare the two results on the same date! The answer – we can only wait and watch. Information would be confirmed on CBSE’s website cbse.nic.in and cbseresults.nci.in. Information would also be available on this page, once confirmed. We wish best of luck to all the students.

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