Howarh -New Delhi AC Special Train Start Running.
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Kolkata ( Kuljit Singh ) ;
02301 Howrah-New Delhi AC Special Train (via-Dankuni) left ER’s Howrah station at its schedule time at 17:05 hrs today (12.5.2020), maintaining the Standard Operating Protocol (SOP).
Howrah station area and the train compartments were thoroughly sanitized. Demarcations were made at the station premises and platform approach to maintain the social distancing. All the confirmed ticket holding passengers were properly screened before boarding the train and to allow only asymptomatic passengers. However no passenger was found having symptoms during pre-boarding screening.
DRM/Howrah along with senior officers from the Division and ER Headquarters were present at the station to check for strict adherence to the SOP and other health precautions. The train finally left Howrah in proper time amidst clapping of DRM/Howrah and other Officers, Staff and Security Personnel wishing bon-voyage for the first passenger service of Eastern Railway after inception of COVID-19 lock down.
The full capacity of 1028 berths in today’s Howrah-New Delhi AC Special are booked. Passengers while entering into the station expressed their gratitude and happiness for arrangement of such type of special trains by Railways.
It is pertinent to mention that, Railways has decided to run special train services from 12.5.2020 on specific routes. In ER system, a daily AC special train will run between Howrah & New Delhi.
These services shall be in addition to the Shramik Specials for transporting stranded persons, which are under operation w.e.f. 1st May, 2020.
Other regular passenger services including all mail/express, passenger and suburban services shall remain cancelled until further advice.
Intending passengers may please visit Eastern Railway’s Website: for guidelines about this special train.

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