We should respect our mother :SSP
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We should respectour mothers: SSP Duggal
 Jandiala Guru Kuljit Singh
 Today, where the whole world Kovid is fighting a war against 19 Mythmari, today Mother’s Day is being celebrated only by staying in homes all over the world. On this day, SSP rustic Vikramjit Duggal said in his message that I congratulated people  On occasion, I praise my mother, who works in our everyday. She plays such a role in the family that binds a family in a thread. In reality, the shadow of mother from a heaven  NO.
 Similarly, DSP Jandiala Guru Gurinderbir Singh Siddha said in a message to the people that mother is a housewife who does all the work of the house. We should weave her mother in all her work. We sweep the floor, clean utensils and  Should also help in making food.  We should work as a joint family and boost our spirits.  In this way we should have full respect for our mothers.
 Former ETO Harbhajan Singh said in his message that the mother’s letter is a word, but its importance is more than all the languages ​​of the world.  Mother’s debt can never be repaid, whatever a man does in life, his first school is his mother. With the blessings of mother, man touches the heights of life.  It is our duty on this occasion to take full care of our mothers with respect.
 Photo Caption SSP  Vikramjit Duggal,
 DSP Jandiala Guru Gurinderbir Singh
 Former ETO Harbhajan Singh

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