Indian Journalist Association sent demand letter of journalist to PM
April 18th, 2020 | Post by :- | 189 Views

*Indian Journalist Association sent email an eminent six-point demand letter to journalists and requested the Hon’ble Prime Minister to consider it seriously and get an early diagnosis.*

Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.Kuljit Singh

Jr.Seraj Ahmad Quraishi, National President of the Indian Journalist Association, World’s Largest Struggling Leading Organization for Rights of Journalists, sent an email to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of the burning problems of the journalists and urged them to get serious consideration and resolve quickly.
Jr. Quraishi said that while the global disaster within the country has created a furore over the infection spread by the corona virus and people have been locked up and imprisoned in homes, the fourth column of the country has put its life at risk He is constantly alert, active and struggling to convey the news of the moment as well as the administrative and administrative news from the tax ground zero. In the difficult situation of this crisis, the journalist is playing an important role between the government and the public.
Most of the journalists in it are none of the print, electronic, web portal media houses and institutes pay or pay. Except for some big newspapers and channels, all journalists working at the district level live their lives only with the commission received in advertising, neither they are insured nor have any other basis for living.
After the announcement of the lock down by the central and state government, announcements have been made keeping in mind the health, sanitation and police personnel, but all rural and urban print, electronic and web portals, which are called the fourth pillar of the nation, journalists have to face this crisis. The watch was also ignored.

The major demand is as follows: –

1. The economy of most media houses has deteriorated in the global crisis. The country’s 40–40-page brand newspaper has become 12 pages. Most newspapers did not pay salaries for non-payment of advertisements from DAVP and state governments. Due to which the journalist is struggling with economic crisis. Therefore, at the district level, 10,000 monthly funding to rural journalists, 15,000 to metropolitan journalists and 20,000 to capital journalists should be given monthly financial support.

2. Life insurance of 50 lakh rupees should be given to journalists who are putting their lives at risk in the global epidemic.

3. Journalists have suffered the most from the global crisis. Large media houses of the country have also started evacuating the employees, citing the economic situation as bad. Action should be taken against such media houses after investigation.

4- Central government newspapers – advertise the magazine, electronic channel and news web portal to work actively.

5. In some places there have been incidents of police misbehavior and beatings with journalists reporting moment to moment from the ground zero in the global epidemic.
These incidents should be curbed by directing high officials.

6. All journalists should be given government mask, sanitizer, hand gloves, hand wash and good quality PPE kit.

कृपया अपनी खबरें, सूचनाएं या फिर शिकायतें सीधे पर भेजें। इस वेबसाइट पर प्रकाशित लेख लेखकों, ब्लॉगरों और संवाद सूत्रों के निजी विचार हैं। मीडिया के हर पहलू को जनता के दरबार में ला खड़ा करने के लिए यह एक सार्वजनिक मंच है।