BCI bans new law colleges for 3 years in the Country
August 18th, 2019 | Post by :- | 143 Views

Mohali, ( Lokhit Express )  –  The Bar Council of India (BCI), New Delhi, a statutory body that regulates legal practice and education in India, passed a resolution to impose a three-year moratorium on opening new law colleges in the country on 11th August to address the mushrooming of already existing law schools across the country.
Dr. Anshu Kataria, President, Punjab Unaided Colleges Association (PUCA) said that BCI says that as per the reports there are about 3.7 lakh seats in law courses in 1,500 law colleges which are sufficient to produce required number of law graduates annually. As per the Bar Council data there are about 1.3 million lawyers in India as of 2011 are sufficient to serve the Country.
Kataria further added that BCI should give exemption to those Colleges who have already bought land or applied for CLU for the opening new law College before the date of this notification.

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