PUCA urged AICTE to introduce integrated campus concept
December 16th, 2019 | Post by :- | 247 Views

Mohali, ( Mahinder Pal )    :     A delegation of Punjab Unaided Colleges Association (PUCA) met Prof. M.P Poonia, Vice Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) under the leadership of President, PUCA, Dr. Anshu Kataria.

The delegation appreciated the reforms made by AICTE for strengthening the technical institutions of the Country.

Dr. Anshu Kataria while speaking said that AICTE should reintroduce integrated campus concept in which colleges should be permitted to use common facilities like common land, buildings, library centre facilities, computer centres, playgrounds, faculty, Director etc. Kataria further added that 8-10 years back also this concept was introduced and it’s time to reintroduce this concept to save the resources.

Sh. Amit Sharma, Senior Vice President, PUCA demanded that mergers, amalgamations acquisition should also be allowed in colleges. This will bring synergy in the colleges those who are not able to perform will be benefited with this.

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