Fast tag becomes mandatory on toll plaza from today.
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Fast tag became mandatory on toll plaza from today

Crowds of trains engaged at Nijjar toll plaza even if fast tagged.

Jandiala Guru Kuljit Singh

Even today, even though fast tag has been made mandatory across the country, long lines of trains are on both sides of the toll plaza. The fast tag aims to make people stop short at the toll plaza. Due to the situation, it seems that even when applied, the rush of vehicles on the toll plaza is the same as before the fast tag was imposed. There was also a huge crowd of fast tags. Talking to OR, some people said that fast tag is a good work so that online payment does not make people have to stand in long lines to cut the slip on the toll plaza. It saves time. But some people have fast He also gave his negative thoughts about the tag, he said that as long line is being installed today, it is of no use to fast tag. If the fast tag is to be imposed by the government then first To run this correctly, the toll plaza has to be properly managed. If there is a long line, then what is the use of fast tag?

Talking about this, the managers of the toll plaza said that two up and two down tags with fast tags have been tagged. Payments of fast tag are slightly delayed by Paytm. The rest is going well.

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