Post matric scholarship scam – Protest movement ‘Parda Faash’ to start from CM’s district Patiala – NSCA
December 11th, 2019 | Post by :- | 354 Views

Chandigarh, ( Mahinder Pal )    –   Post matric scholarship, a centre sponsored scheme for the welfare of scheduled castes and other backward classes, marred by the extensive corruption of the government and the educational institutions alike has been a burning topic of debate in the recent past. National Scheduled Castes Alliance, a socio-political organization which is at the helm of movement to unearth scams related to this scheme is gearing up to start its ‘Parda Faash’ series of protests, starting from Samana in CM’s home district Patiala on 18th December.

Sharing the details of the protests, Paramjit Singh Kainth, President of the NSCA blamed the corrupt politicians, educational institutions and their managers and the lethargic bureaucracy in a nexus which has scammed the poor students belonging from the Scheduled Castes community of the benefits of post matric scholarship. “Numerous cases have filed against various institutes but with most of them being owned or co-owned by politicians, no action has been taken so far to undo the wrong which has been done and punish the miscreants” said Kainth.

Kainth further added,“The ‘Parda Faash’ series of protests will be starting on 18th December from Samana at around 10 am and these protests will continue throughout Punjab. Our main motive is breaking the nexus of these functionaries which has been plaguing the society. There is no regard for human rights, welfare initiatives, corruption is rampant and FIR’s are becoming more or less like a showpiece under the influence of politicians.”

कृपया अपनी खबरें, सूचनाएं या फिर शिकायतें सीधे पर भेजें। इस वेबसाइट पर प्रकाशित लेख लेखकों, ब्लॉगरों और संवाद सूत्रों के निजी विचार हैं। मीडिया के हर पहलू को जनता के दरबार में ला खड़ा करने के लिए यह एक सार्वजनिक मंच है।