A survey camp for the Civil engineering students organized by Aryans Group
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Mohali, ( Mahinder Pal )    :         Two week-long survey camp for the civil engineering students of Aryans College of Engineering, Rajpura, Near Chandigarh was organized at Aryans campus and near Nada Sahib, Pankhuka. Hundreds of Civil Engineering students of B. Tech 5th Sem attended this camp. Students worked in the field with practicing surveyors and using their equipment.

Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group said that the objective of surveying camp allocated for civil engineering students was to promote them for the essential knowledge of different surveying techniques relevant to their professional and real work practice in civil engineering. This camp was also aimed to encourage the leadership and teamwork skills in the students.

Instructor, Hafiz-ul-Rehman guided the students to perform a survey which included reconnaissance of area and selection of station/point & routes. The students were also shown the hill features by contouring, the cultivated area, forest area and all topographical details with the help of conventional symbols. In the field works more than 10 exercises and events were performed to learn the technical aspects required in surveying.

During this camp, the students also performed Plane Table Survey by different methods, measurement by Auto and Dumpy Level and Reciprocating Surveying.

Ms. Rajdeep Kaur, HoD, Civil Engineering Dept said that apart from meeting the curriculum requirement, the survey camp encouraged and supported the students in a better understanding of the real works. She said that experiences of such survey camps are invaluable for enhancing a student’s understanding of the field and site work.

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