‘Seva Street’ will give a new direction to donations in Rangle Punjab Mela-Deputy Commissioner  Efforts will be made to donate books and clothes
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 ‘Seva Street’ will give a new direction to donations in Rangle Punjab Mela-Deputy Commissioner
 Efforts will be made to donate books and clothes
Jandiala Guru Kuljit  Singh
In the Rangla Punjab Mela being organized by the Punjab Government in collaboration with the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, the aspect of selfless service spirit of Punjabis will also be specially tried to be raised before the people.  Along with this, along with the donation being given by Punjabis on food in the form of langar, keeping in mind the need of the hour, the book donation drive will also be started.  Deputy Commissioner Mr. Ghansham Thori said that from February 24 to February 29, this service will be conducted in Heritage Street, the main road leading to Sri Darbar Sahib.
  To make the Deputy Commissioner’s planning a reality, the Assistant Commissioner Mrs. Gursimran Kaur held a meeting with the officials in this regard at the Heritage Street and took stock of the occasion.  He said on this occasion that to involve common citizens in this service, our vehicles are making announcements in the streets of the city, so that Punjabis can be brought forward to donate books.  He said that apart from the donation of books for the needy children, clothes and other items that can be useful to a needy person will also be taken as a donation on this occasion and will be forwarded to the needy.  He said that people can also give this donation in the said vehicles.  He said that apart from this, a special blood donation camp for blood donation, which is considered the best donation, will also be organized in this street.  He appealed to the residents of the city to come together and celebrate the spirit of maturity, generosity and community, which is the hallmark of Punjab’s history and culture.  On this occasion, Social Welfare Officer Mr. Palav Shrestha, Police, Red Cross and other officials of Tourism Department were also present.
 Assistant Commissioner Ms. Gursimran Kaur in a meeting with officials regarding the arrangements of Sewa Street.

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