A heated discussion on important issues took place in the meeting of Majha Press Club, Amritsar
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A heated discussion on important issues took place in the meeting of Majha Press Club, Amritsar
 Doing journalism is like walking on a double-edged sword – Nagi
 Jandiala Guru, ( Kuljit Singh)-An emergency meeting of Majha Press Club, Amritsar was held at Jandiala Guru under the leadership of President Gurdeep Singh Nagi, in which President Gurdeep Singh Nagi shared his views on the difficulties faced by journalists working in the field and said that  Journalism is a double-edged sword and journalists risk their lives to bring ground-level conditions to governments and readers.  He said that it is not necessary that all parties agree with the writing of the journalist, but in today’s era of social media, more attention is paid to raising an issue instead of considering it, so people get distracted from the real issue, so we need to use it on all kinds of platforms.  One should think constructively and forward thinking.  The patron of the club Amritpal Singh and General Secretary Jaswant Singh Mangat expressed deep concern over the pollution of the environment, the incidents of robberies, hooliganism, the flow of drugs, unemployment etc. On this occasion Amritpal Singh, Jaswant Singh Mangat, Harish  Kakkar, Simratpal Singh Bedi, Kuldeep Singh Bhullar, Gurpal Singh Rai, Kuljit Singh, Savinder Singh Shinda Lahoria, Parvinder Singh Malakpur, Kuldeep Singh Khaira, Satpal Vinayak, Dr. Gurmeet Singh Nanda, Advocate Shukarguzar Singh, Harjinder Singh, Sukhdev Singh Babbu, Gurwinder  Singh Happy etc. were present.
 Capson, President Gurdeep Singh Nagi, Amritpal Singh, Jaswant Singh Mangat and others during the meeting of Majha Press Club Amritsar.

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