Pilibhit: Private Rice Millers and Mafia games running at government paddy procurement centres
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Pilibhit: Private Rice Millers and Mafia games running at government paddy procurement centres

Pilibhit, private rice millers and commissioners are on the run in paddy procurement at government purchase centres. So, how can the farmers benefit in the Yogi Government? And, how will the target of paddy procurement be met? Taking cognisance of the case, the DM has also started tightening the shinja on Rice Miller and the mafias and Rice Miller has been warned not to purchase paddy directly. Rice Millero has been asked to participate in the auction of the Mandi Committee. Do not buy direct paddy. If you procure paddy directly, action will be taken.

Apart from the city, there are about 55 rice mills in puranpur area leading to foodgrain production. The arrival of paddy has started in the mandi but the procurement of paddy has not started at the government procurement centres. The paddy reaching the purchase centres is returned to the farmers saying that it is not up to the standard. The mandi committee has not yet started auctioning paddy. Taking advantage of this, the paddy mafia and some rice millers are engaged in the procurement of paddy at throwaway prices. Many Rice Millers are making huge profits by buying the mandi directly. There is resentment among the farmers due to non-purchase at paddy procurement centres and non-sale of paddy at auction in Mandi. According to the Mandi Secretary, 20 farmers outside the Mandi border area will also be screwed up soon to buy it from the auction at paddy market. So that the farmers can get a reasonable price for paddy. There will also be action to suspend and cancel the licence of Rice Miller, who has not participated in the auction.
। This time also some traders and mafias have started dumping paddy around the purchase centres. So that the farmer cannot put his paddy at the purchase centre. Some farmers who reached Mandi on Friday were not allowed to land near the paddy purchase centre. The farmers complained to former MLA Gopal Krishna Saxena. The former MLA said that the entire matter was reported to the SDM and the ADM on mobile. Even after that, the farmers who reached the mandi had to sell paddy at throwaway prices.

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