Osho Swami Chaitanya Riktam paid tribute to Osho on his birthday by offering flowers and fruits
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Jagadhri Haryana,  (Lokhit Express Bureau ) 11-12-23 ।
Osho revealed the science of seven spiritual chakras of the body

■ Osho gave many simple and unique methods of meditation to the world
On Osho’s birthday, Osho Swami Chaitanya Riktam (Tarun Sharma) offered flowers and fruits to Osho to pay his respects. And remembering Acharya Rajneesh Osho, he said that Acharya Rajneesh Osho always discussed about meditation. Made many revelations about meditation. Told about the mystery of the seven chakras hidden in the human body. He described about these seven chakras and explained the methods of concentrating on each chakra. Osho explained in detail in his sermons how these seven chakras are awakened. He said that only through meditation we can make our life simple and easy by awakening these seven chakras hidden in our body. These are the seven spiritual chakras; Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipuraka, Anahata, Heart Chakra, Ajna Chakra, and Sahasrara. These seven chakras are awakened through meditation, and one can achieve the transition from worldly life to becoming a Buddha.
Osho always described the entire world as one family. He always emphasized on unity and integrity and love. , Apartheid, race, caste and religion were all described as a political conspiracy. Osho always used to say that this entire world is my family and this existence is my home.
Osho used to say that along with the education of science, education of meditation is also essential for children. Both these teachings, science and meditation, should be started simultaneously to children from the school level. Then will begin a new era, a new consciousness and the creation of a new world.

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“लोकहित एक्सप्रेस” फेसबुक लिंक क्लिक आगे शेयर जरूर करें ताकि सभी समाचार आपके फेसबुक पर आए।

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