Construction of Rural Roads under PMGSY with Green/New Technology in Punjab State-PWD Minister ETO
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Construction of Rural Roads under PMGSY with Green/New Technology in Punjab State-PWD Minister ETO
Amritsar November 22:Kuljit Singh
With objective of protecting and preserving the environment under mission LiFE, the state of Punjab under guidance of NRIDA, MoRD, New Delhi has taken up construction of 16 Rural Roads (207 Km length) under PMGSY by using Green/New Technology called nano Technology. To spread the awareness regarding use and benefit of this New Technology, Punjab State organized Inter State workshop at Amritsar, wherein the senior Engineers from all the States across the country visited the State on 21st & 22nd November 2023. The participants visited the construction site at Tarn Taran and attended the workshop for deliberation and discussion on the Green/New Technology. While addressing the technical session, Hon’ble PWD Minister S Harbhajan singh, informed that under this New Technology chemical stabilization of sub soil, GSB & WBM layer is done to reduce the thickness of road crust due to which there is substantial saving of the natural aggregates and cost of construction. By use of this technology, there will be saving of approximate 1.50 lacs MT of GSB & Aggregate on these 16 roads. In addition, chemical stabilization of bituminous layer is also done which increases the durability/life span of wearing course. This subsequently would result in lesser mining requirement and reduction in carbon foot prints and thereby protecting and preserving the environment.
In addition to nano Technology, the State is also using Waste Plastic in construction of 48 Rural Roads (546 Km length), which is also eco friendly. Further, it is envisaged to adopt FDR technology i.e. full depth reclamation in construction of roads in forthcoming project of Rural Roads under PMGSY. Under this technology the existing old aggregates/stone metal is recycled and stabilized with use of cement and chemical and minimizing the requirement of fresh aggregates, thereby preserving the natural resources and saving the cost of construction. The participants, which included Engineers from various states, state technical agency, technical expert from chemical suppliers, State quality monitors, contractors etc. shared their experiences and challenges faced in adopting the new technology.

PWD Minister S Harbhajan singh ETO addressing the technical session.

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