15th Fateh Holla Mohalla&Sports day celebrations at International Fateh Academy.
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15th Fateh Hola Mohalla& Sports Day Celebrations at International Fateh Academy.
Jandiala Guru Kuljit singh
Annual Sports Day (Fateh Hola Mohalla) of International Fateh Academy was held on Sunday March 5, 2023, with great zeal, fervour and excitement in the spacious playground of the academy. A large temporary sitting arena was constructed for the parents and the students to sit and enjoy the day. The programme started with the Principal, Dr. Paramjeet Kaur Sandhu welcoming the esteemed gathering and emphasizing the importance of sports in a child’s life.  Hon’ble Sardar Harbhajan Chief Guest, Minister of Power of Punjab, lighted the ceremonial Sports Torch. The Chairman S. Jagbir Singh started the events of the day with the Inaugural Address and by releasing a bunch of balloons. The Chief Guest Minister of Power of Punjab with his wife Shivinder Kaur, Guest of Honour S. Dalbir Singh Tong, M.L.A. Baba Bakala Chairman, S. Jagbir Singh, Vice Chairperson Mrs. Ravinder Kaur, the Principal, the Vice Principal took the salute of the impressive March Past by the students of the five houses Satluj, Beas, Ravi, Chenab and Jhelum, coupled with some stirring marching music by the band.
The students got into the spirit of the occasion in a grand way with the oath administered by the Sports Captain. The students presented a Taekwondo demonstration followed by Gatka and mesmerised the audience with their captivating performances. Once the races began, the air was filled with cheers and tons of encouragement for the young athletes.
Students of all classes competed in games and events. The Army Crawl Race, Relays, Sack Race, Leg Hurdle Hop Race, Three Leg Race, Hula Hoop and the Hockey match added thrill to the show. Fun time with, Staff versus Parents’ Tug- o- War added to the enjoyment.
Gidha and Bhangra team of the Academy enthralled and spell bounded the audience with their remarkable performances.
The Chief Guest, Hon’ble Sardar Harbhajan Singh Ji, Minister of Power of Punjab, gave away the medals and trophies to the winners and applauded their performance. He also addressed the gathering with his valuable words. He also congratulated and blessed all the players of Hockey Team of the Academy who won the National Hockey Championship and inspired them to achieve greater height in the game.
The Chairman International Fateh Academy, S. Jagbir Singh thanked and expressed his gratitude to the Chief Guest and thanked everyone for their benign presence. He also congratulated the students and said that sports infrastructure had been strengthened in the academy and the students, too, had excelled in various events.

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