Haryana government will give special incentives to buyers of electric vehicles: Dushyant Chautala
December 5th, 2022 | Post by :- | 468 Views
Chandigarh, December 5 – Haryana Deputy Chief Minister Shri Dushyant Chautala said that the state government will give special incentives to buyers of electric and hybrid electric-vehicles in the state to reduce the advance cost of their vehicle. He said that “Haryana Electric Vehicle Policy-2022” has also been notified, now people can take advantage of this policy.
Deputy CM, who also has the charge of the Department of Industry and Commerce, said “Haryana Electric Vehicle Policy-2022” aims to promote the construction of electric vehicles and its components in the state, enhance research and development in the sector of electric vehicles I have to give it.
Capital subsidy, Employment creation subsidy, Patent fees reimbursement, Electricity charges reimbursion, Stamp fees reimunion, Seed & Conversion Fund Incentive, SGST Reimunion & Water Treatment Pro for Manufacturers Given some major benefits like Tsahan. The policy provides a favorable infrastructure to encourage e-mobility and ease concern about vehicle-buyers’ price, he said. He also informed that the policy is providing tremendous benefits for charging/swaping station infrastructure providers of electric vehicles.
The Haryana government knows the importance of research and development activities and believes that the research in the region will change the entire ecosystem, the Deputy Chief Minister said. This is why the government has decided to encourage research and development centers and excellence centers are being established in the state.
The state government has also launched an online portal for implementing incentive amount under “Haryana Electric Vehicle Policy-2022” on 17 November 2022. Investors and buyers of electric vehicles, strong hybrids electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are urged to take advantage under this policy.
Mr. Dushyant Chautala said that the electric-vehicle units installed after the launch of the policy and before the launch of the online portal can apply within 45 days of the online web portal. He also stated that individual electric-vehicle owners who have registered their vehicle in Haryana after the launch of this policy and before the launch of the online incentive portal, they also avail the benefits of 45 days of the launch of online portal Application within the No Can do it.

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